PEG-2000 / PEG-2100


Greatly reduced in size compared to conventional products.
Displays measurements and results on a compact TFT color liquid crystal display.
Measurement and setting operations can be made on the touch panel display.
Automation of zero adjustment and sensitivity adjustment can be done on the touch panel display or through external input.
Result output signal function is supplied standard, and corresponds to automatic measurement.
Numerous statistical processing functions pre-installed.
Serial communication function supplied standard, enabling data output to computers (for data storage ,statistical processing ,and input to spreadsheet software)
Allows connection of four electric micrometers, enabling measurement by various types of processing.
Can be used as an air micrometer by connection to an A/E converter control diagrams and CP values as standard features which are useful for quality control.


Easy to read by the big screen.
Measurement & Judgement result indicate by TFT color LCD.
The touch panel operation is available.
Automatically Zero & Sensitivity master setting are available.
Correspond to automatic measurement by Judgement output signal.
A wide variety of statistical processing capabilities.
Data output to PC is performed using LAN connection.
Variety kinds of statics processing functions by using 32 channel.
Using possible also as Air micrometer by connect to A/E transducer.
Models PEG-2000 PEG-2100
Electric micrometer 4 channels 0, 8, 16, 24, 32 channel
A/E input 4 channels 0, 16, 32, 48, 64 channel
Display 6.5 inch color liquid crystal 15 inch color liquid crysta
Data processing Average value,maximum value,minimum value Average value,maximum value,minimum value
Standard deviation.Pareto diagram Standard deviation.Pareto diagram
  Cp value,X-RS diagram,histogram,etc. histogram, Cp value
    XbarR diagram, X-Rs diagram etc.
DC I/O Input:8,output:24 Input:32,output:32
Serial communication(RS232C) 1
Parallel printer 1 -
Ethenet 1
Program switching - 50
FXT switching 16
Number of measurements 16 32
Dimensions 220 x 230 x 140 mm 415 x 320 x 466 mm
Weight 4 kg 19 kg