Red/Orange/Green 3-color, 101 segment bar graph display with programmable set points makes it easy to quickly view measurements and make go/no-go judgments.
Actual values presented on the 8-digit alphanumeric display.
The display can be programmed to show technical drawing tolerances.
In coordination with the max./min. masters and the air probe sensor, control keys are used to automatically calibrate the zero and full scale of the display.
Possesses a slim 2" (50mm) wide frame allowing for placement on any bench, plus enables a small foot-print when daisy-chaining units.
10 types of setting can be programmed to save master values allowing quick retrieval for future tests.
Sensitivity adjustment knob allows fine tuning for more precise air control.
External signal input allows for automatic master calibration of zero and span with separate input switch.
Utilizing the standard serial output communications, data can be downloaded to a PC for processing and further evaluation.
Ranges down to 10 micron.
Several options are available such as judgment result output, rank output, BCD output, and Digimatic output.
If choosing a 2 channel sensor input, evaluation of three parameters consisting of 2 measurements along with their arithmetic result can be performed with a single column display.
Models CAG-2000-1CH CAG-2000-2CH
Input 1 air channel 2 air channels
Measuring range μm (mm) 10 (0.0100), 20 (0.0200), 50 (0.0500), 100 (0.100), 200 (0.200)
Resolution μm (mm) 0.01 (0.0001), 0.2 (0.0002), 0.5, (0.0005), 1 (0.001), 2 (0.002)
Display Bar graph: 101 segment 3 color with Green (OK), Red (No Go)
Measurement Values: 7 digits plus decimal point
Auto Mastering Range Zero position: ±50% (full scale)
Sensitivity: ±20% (full scale)
Source Pressure 0.3 - 0.7 MPa
Operating Temperature 0 - 45 °C
Dimensions 50 × 480 × 200 mm
Weight 4 kg
Accessories   -DP   Digimatic Output
  -DC   Output
    -P   Peak Measurement Function
    -R   Rank Display Function
    -DR   Rank Output
    -BC   BCD Output
    RS-232   RS-232 Communication Cable 9 pin for PC
    Foot Switch   Foot Switch