Just fix a top plate on the ring; it rotates just like a lazy Susan table. 

ISB Lazy Suzan rings consist of outer ring and an inner ring, in upward position the inner ring rotates in downward position outer ring rotates. It can be fixed through holes. Suitable for various kinds of medium and high-grade shows, shelves, dining tables and all types of rotary tables, furniture, spray painting tables, display shelves, TV shelves and etc. Double ring function and feature: Light and sturdy with free rotation in a complete circle. Material; Aluminum.







 Product Weight  0.8 kg (7.84 N)
 Load Capacity  30 kgf (294 N)
 Ring  Aluminum






 Product Weight  1.2 kg (11.84 N)
 Load Capacity  40 kgf (392 N)
 Ring  Aluminum






 Product Weight  1.4 kg (13.7 N)
 Load Capacity  50 kgf (490 N)
 Ring  Aluminum