Stand type  SBF-S
 Incident light  Fluorescent Lamp 9W
 Transmitted light  Nil
 Stage plate  Nil
 Base  144mm x 260mm
 Height  328mm
 Net weight  5.0 kg
Small stage (144mm width) is equipped for placement on narrow space. A long life and low temperature 9W fluorescent lamp is used for the built-in incident light.
The DSZ-44 series features a zoom magnification of 10x to 44x (zoom ratio 4.4:1) with standard eye-pieces 1Ox. A wide range of magnification from 2.5x to 140.8x is available with optional lenses. No. DSZ-44SBF-S
Models DSZ-44SBF-S
(field of view)
10x to 44x
(field of view : 23mm to 5.2mm)
Objective Lense 1.0x to 4.4x (zoom ratio : 4.4:1)
Eyepieces Wide Field 10x (DSW10x) (field number : 23)
Optical Body 360° rotatable binocular type, 45° inclined eyepiece tube
Working Distance 90mm
52mm to 75mm
Diopter Adjustment +5.6D -7.2D on both eyepiece tubes
Accessories Rubber eyeguard, Tension control pin, Dust cover